Nonexist – The New Flesh (2016)

Though I haven’t heard the previous album Throne Of Scars, I have to say that I’m not completely upset with this EP release which more or less contains some cast-off from it. There’s only a few cuts here, so I’ll just go right through them. The first one we have is “Before The Storm Takes Me” which really shines in the synth section, feeling a little black thrash with tinges of black metal and some killer leads, when used. Johan Reinholdz still shows that he’s a killer guitar player, but I’m just not hearing enough of it here. Next we’ve got “Dark and Tortured Universe” which seems to be a brash black/death cut with synths. I feel it’s literally all over the damn place and the drums seem to drown out the synths, as I would have expected. Thank goodness for Johan’s solo. That seems to be the best damn part of this one. The rest of it I’ve already heard about eighty times from other artists. An odd live cut of “Delirious Tongues” appears directly in the middle of the album for some reason and good luck hearing it. Aside from a few discernible At The Gates influenced melodies, I’m hearing what sounds like a hefty fog of fuzz with only Johan truly audible. At least the solo section comes off without a hitch, and that’s again – the best part. The title cut also follows a black/death formula with a great deal of black and thrash metal, replete with some robotic vocal filters and another one of Johan’s classic style solos. I think it’s “A Promise Unfulfilled” that is most interesting however, as the band decided to tone it down a bit to allow for more synths and grooves, instead of the speed-thrash that has been consistent for most of this album. There’s also a clean vocal approach, which comes off quite noteworthy. It feels more like classic melodic death, a necessary tone down to the unchecked brutality so prominent here. Nonexist prove here that they can play fierce black/death and thrash like so many other bands, but it’s obvious that these guys are capable of so much more than that.

(5 Tracks, 18:00)



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