North – Through Raven’s Eyes (2015)

If you like post metal, you’ll dig North. They sound a lot like Neurosis, Cult Of Luna and pretty much every other post metal act you’ve heard before. It’s the genre done right, with thick bass riffs and manly vocal roars. It’s manly metal for men… except when it’s not, as “Silverfeather” (5:50) brings us into a far more interesting mix of electronic atmosphere, which isn’t too much unlike the true industrial work I review here from time to time. The piano section in the background keeps up a morose mood, while what sounds like a truck that backed up into a broadcast tower makes up the meat of the piece, with the signal still going off from the damaged vehicle. If they could somehow mix these two together, they’d be able to stand out and/or possibly hit the territory of Corrections House.

– North have been together since 2006, and have released three full-lengths since that time. They are currently signed to Prosthetic Records.

(2 Tracks, 13:00)


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