Ogre – Thrice As Strong (2019)

If you’re ready for some classic stoner doom with a touch of blues, prog and classic heavy metal, then you’re definitely going to find it here. The disc definitely sounds a lot like Sabbath, but there’s also a hint of Deep Purple and maybe even some early Priest as well as a few other classic influences that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. It’s a bit difficult to hear the vocals, but the chorus rhythms do stand out enough to be catchy when notable, like on opener “The Future.” The most important quality here is found purely in the musicianship, making the record sound just as great without the vocals as it is with them. Thrice As Strong is a chock full of solos, many of them rock and blues influenced, which definitely can make Ogre sound like a sort of “heavy blues band.” I’d almost consider them in the same vein as Clutch or Led Zeppelin. You can definitely hear Zeppelin on songs like “Big Man” and “King Of The Wood” which clearly show who taught Ogre how to rock. If you were looking for a more modern sound, this is probably not going to suit you and that’s fine, because everyone has their taste and this will probably factor under “Your Dad’s Music” if you were born during the oughts or maybe even if you’re a late millennial. My father and step father both had a love for music like this, which my mother also shares; not surprisingly. I’m the son of a man who met my mother at a rock concert way back when and that’s all you need to know about my taste and ear for music.

Thrice As Strong is definitely jammable and I think it is meant for that. Even if there was some kind of lyrical meaning, the record is completely buried in killer jam session-esque moments that make any serious undertakings null and void. However, I’m sure these guys put on a great live show. I think you’re going to love the disc if you’re looking for some old school stoner doom, with notable jazz, blues and psychedelic elements – just like in the old days. Definitely pick up Thrice As Strong if that sounds intriguing to you. I just wish the vocals were a bit higher in the mix as it feels like the frontman is being drowned out in a few areas. That’s a minor nitpick though and I’m sure that if you just modify an equalizer or listen to it on a different device, you’ll get a unique experience that may differ greatly from what I’ve stated here. I’ll definitely give them points for the album’s closer, “Cyber Czar” and the sounds of destruction caused by it’s illustrated cybernetic overlord.

(7 Tracks 43:00)

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