Ols – Mszarna (2018)

The Polish dark maiden Anna Maria Oskierko has returned with another equally dark neo-folk album that contains slight hints of atmospheric black metal, though not quite as you’ll hear here. For Mszarna is actually a bit more jolly, sounding like a deep pagan ritual stew of emotions, which the lyrics certainly seem to convey. The record is lyrically based in nature, whether that be in metaphorical or literal terms, which definitely gives it the kind of feel of an act like Borknagar, for example. The record is entirely in her native language, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than that, as Polish seems to encapsulate the emotion steeped within this melancholy quite well. A few parts of “Zimowa” even roll into a slight pop territory, which I wasn’t expecting, though am certainly not complaining about. Oskierko isn’t just a beautiful siren who looks great in her variation of corpse paint, she also has an incredible vocal range and manages to show that off a few times throughout the disc. Please keep in mind though, that is definitely a folk album and not anything I would completely compare to heavy metal music, respectfully. I don’t want listeners to think that perhaps the black metal cover and references would equate this to black metal.

It is instead, a highly emotional neo-folk disc that spans close to an hour in length. There are only six tracks here, but they are passionate pieces that should sail to a rather high place on the folk music charts. The production quality on the album is also quite high, making this album sound of a truly professional level. If you are a fan of neo-folk music, especially as heartfelt as the approach here; then you will want to click the link at the bottom and check out this release. Oskierko has proven that she doesn’t need black metal ties to sell her talent, and this album is proof positive of that.

(6 Tracks, 49:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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