Omnizide – NekroRegime (2016)

If you like the sound of a violent rampage sprinkled with some progressive black metal theatrics, then Sweden’s Omnizide might be what you’re looking for. The first two cuts on the disc blazed with a familiar mixture of death and black, but things quickly changed into a much slower and more refined texture with “Walls Of Flesh.” No offense, but if the entire record came off like the first two tracks, it wouldn’t even be considered worth a write-up, because frankly there are just too many bands doing that same formula in the black/death genre to the point where it has become silly.

“Deathwomb” also changes things up a bit, almost melding together the sound of classic black metal with a slight eighties Goth influence in some of the melody nodes. Omnizide feature three guitarists, so you can sort of expect this kind of performance and from what I’ve heard on the album, it seems like everyone got a chance to implement at least some sort of unique style into what could have been just another boring slab of basic black/thrash. You’re still getting plenty of moments where the disc fills with drum blasts, but it seems that we have finally come to the point in history where bands are beginning to realize that they should probably do a bit more than tremolos and blasts.

I absolutely love the leads on “Nekromantik” and the Black Sabbath vibe that “Shockwaves” embodies, making this a killer disc in my opinion. Perhaps closer “Devil In Me” is a bit longer than it should be, but it adds in atmosphere where it wasn’t to be found prior and is yet another interesting experiment for frontman Mikael Nox and crew. If for some odd reason you slept on this one, go pick it up.

(9 Tracks, 41:00)


This is infinitely weird, but the Swedish label Carnal Records requests that you purchase their albums directly through discogs. I could not discern any digital versions of these releases.


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