On October 8th, the FBI arrested six members of a militia group out of Michigan. The arrests stem from the group’s alleged link to a plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. The responses have been predictable with progressives acting quickly to paint the group as some sort of hardcore conservative Republican operation. Conservatives, for their part, managed to snag a few of the videos from the apparently now deleted social media presences of a few of the men in the group. The videos appear to paint a picture not of a group of hardcore Reaganites, but of high school lunchroom anarchists. I am generally not a person given to conspiracies. However, with regard to Michigan, something smells funny, but it’s a familiar smell.

I’ve not followed polls this election cycle. If there was one thing I learned in 2016, it’s that polls, in an era where most people seem to be opting for cellphones over landlines and methodology has also become increasingly sketchy, can not be counted on for an accurate prediction of election outcomes. Instead, I have started watching the way that the candidates (and their surrogates) behave. I could be proven wrong on election day, but at the moment Biden and Harris are acting like a campaign in free fall or one treading water at an uncomfortable level. The Democratic Party at large, likely due to years of pandering to every single-issue pressure group under the sun, looks like a party on the brink of desperation. The socialists, LGBT, gun control groups, and numerous others all seem to be looking to cash in their chips at the same time. It’s like the party circa 2010 merged with its 2016 self and then shot back two kilos of coke. This is why the Whitmer situation smells off but incredibly familiar. What am I talking about? Let’s take a trip back to 2010.

In March of 2010, the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects were looking bleak. They had taken both houses of congress in the 2006 midterms. They had captured the presidency in the 2008 election, prompting noted Democratic Party strategist, and possible eel offspring, James Carville to hastily put pen to paper and proclaim that the Democrats would reign for the next forty years. However, in 2009, the party saw fit to squander whatever political capital and perceived “mandate” they had by pushing an unpopular healthcare bill. In August of the same year, “Liberal lion,” murderer, and former Soviet accessory Ted Kennedy died and was replaced, however briefly, by Republican Scott Brown. The party’s impending loss of one or more houses of congress was looking more and more assured by the day. Enter: Hutaree. Between March 28 and March 30 of 2010, nine members of a group called Hutaree were arrested in police raids across three states (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana) for allegedly planning to use firearms and explosives to kill various police officials. A grand jury indicted the nine on charges of seditious conspiracy and various weapons-related charges. It has been said many times, to the point of cliche, that the American legal system is so easily gamed that you could find a grand jury willing to indict a ham sandwich. This case pretty well proving that statement. The defendants were acquitted of the charges of sedition and conspiracy in March of 2012. This was, of course, to little national attention. The only charges that ended up being passed down were for three violations of the National Firearms Act for the three men who had automatic rifles without the necessary permits. In the end, the government was left embarrassed (or should have been) and had to return the group’s seized weapons and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

What was the point of this investigation and trial? The government was so throughly defeated that the evidence against the alleged conspirators could have never been very strong in the first place. In hindsight, the whole ting reeks of a partisan scam orchestrated with the involvement of the FBI. Contrary to popular belief, false flags are not just figments of the addled minds of Truthstream Media, Info Wars, and Operation Vampire Killer types. They exist. One must never forget that the Cuban Missile Crisis, the closest the world has every come to nuclear annihilation, came courtesy of a botched false flag operation authorized by the Kennedy administration. While the Hutaree members were acquitted of the most serious charges in the end, the case did provide the Democratic Party with the opportunity to dust off one of their favourite post-Reagan era talking points. That is to say endless, performative crying about the dangers of “hateful rhetoric” from talk radio. Of course, the desperation play did not work, and the party suffered a humiliating midterm loss.

I get a similar vibe from the Whitmer “kidnapping plot.” I think an “FBI informant” instigated this, and was probably the principal party responsible for the planning. Frankly, I will not be surprised if, in the end, the conspirators (cranks as they may be) end up acquitted and this dangerous plot suddenly forgotten. Like the 2010 Hutaree incident, the timing and circumstances are just a tad too convenient. An election is just around the corner (tomorrow, as of my actually finally getting the opportunity to sit down and type this). The Democrats, in a year when over-policing and racial disparity in prosecution and sentencing are being presented as hot button issues, are running a candidate who is almost single handedly responsible for the current over-policing and over-incarceration situation. His running mate is a woman who, in her time as a district attorney and attorney general in California, was known to block exculpatory evidence to keep innocent men incarcerated. Of course Whitmer, a woman who effectively starved the citizens of her state by depriving them of their right to earn a living, also stands to gain from this. A few weeks of being able to deflect legitimate criticism with crocodile tears over “dangerous” and “hateful” right wing rhetoric can only be beneficial. The question is, as always, will the public fall for it this time?

Since I drafted this, there have been other alleged militia incidents popping up. It all frankly reeks of a very badly executed phony October surprise. Whoever wins the presidential election, it will be interesting to look back in on this situation in a few months and see if any legitimate convictions come from it or if, like with the Hutaree, the FBI quietly ends up with egg on its face.


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