Oppai Academy: A Flashy But Boring, Big Breasted H-Scene Viewer

I love oppai (large breasts) as much as any other fan of the fetish. It was Score Magazine that first introduced me to the fetish back in 99 with their Boob Cruise videos. Japan however, has been notorious about oppai and that’s why there are countless works across the board featuring large breasted mistresses, quite like our own gal on the banner. Japanese men just happen to love massive breasts, with porn star Hitomi Tanaka rounding out that fetish for them in the real world.

However, for the rest of us there’s Oppai Academy. Quite simply, the plot seems to revolve around a young boy (who has a very questionable relationship with his sister) who is killed while in the bath during a water heater explosion and wakes up in another bath full of… you guessed it – big, busty anime girls. They’re not very happy to see him for the most part, especially considering the fact that one of the girls sprites is used twice (you’ll see her again on the bottom left) and unfortunately, many of the standing sprites are also overused, leading to what might have been budget problems on the developers part, or perhaps a way for the company to cut some corners. This is most notably shown when, despite the fancy artwork, we’re thrown into two cock teasing H-Scenes which aren’t even accompanied by CG images. We hear the sex, but we don’t see anything. All we see in fact, is the waifu sprite that is supposed to be getting fucked. Honestly, these scenes are such a big waste of time that I recommend players skip through the entire intro unless you just have to know the background information on some of the girls.

There’s a regular Village People lineup of waifus here, as one’s a vampire, then we have a Muv-Luv Alternative flight suit with a laser gun gal rip-off, then we have a humunculus, a warrior and other tropes. Obviously, the real game starts with Chapter One, which is honestly just laid out as a series of clickable choices with some that need to be unlocked by reaching certain requirements. You get about five or six standard scenes per girl, but have the option for their sprite to be dressed in different ways during the sexual encounter. The game also has moving sprite animations, which I do think add to the H-Scenes. However, there’s not a great deal of them and the text drags on almost as much as Maggot Baits. The difference here is that some of the dialogue can be awfully corny, for example, “Are you Dracula? Because you suck so good” and there are some meme references that I found completely out of place. I don’t know how you feel about being reminded of memes while you’re trying to get your fap on, but the developers clearly don’t care either way.

As for those unlockable scenes? Well, they are mainly just mother/daughter combo scenes and group orgy scenes that only become available once you’ve seen everything else. Though the writers set up a pseudo-plot for the H-Scenes to take place, there’s really nothing in the way of storytelling here that wasn’t better done in hentai. For instance, you hear about a basilisk enemy that was killed, but you don’t see the basilisk, nor do you see it defeated. I’m sorry folks, but I want my damn basilisk. These devs can draw mountains of tiddies, but a basilisk is just too much? No, it’s not that I have a thing for basilisks, but it would be nice to get more than a background, some H-Scenes and mounds of text.

As with most games that focus on the breast, boob jobs are quite common in this one and I especially like the “potion spilled on my breasts and is causing them to grow” expansion element. So they’re clearly trying here. Additionally, you have the option to play the entire game with nude waifu sprites, so that might be a plus in comparison to other games of this genre like Funbag Fantasy, for example.

All that being said, I still have one major question. Oppai Academy is published only on Steam, yet the adults only content patch is available on Jast USA’s website for free. Yes, you read that right. Jast USA is not selling the game on their web store for some reason, so you have to buy it from Steam and then download the adult content patch separately from Jast USA which is a pain in the tail for sure. It would have been better if the game was sold on both Steam and Jast USA, that way gamers like myself who do not like Steam, especially for our H-Games, would not be left out for this title.

Though the art and backgrounds are presented beautifully, the H-Scenes feature moving sprite animations and there’s a great number of waifus to fuck; unless you are tired of browsing hentai on the internet, you’re not going to find that much to like here. I understand that fapping is the point of some of these games, but I think I speak for a large majority of H-game players when I say that nukige is just not enough here.

The worst tragedy about Oppai Academy is it’s poor selection of music, consisting only of fourteen tracks that aside from two, sound like boring stock visual novel music. If you only have fourteen tracks at your disposal, at least try to make sure that these tracks sound memorable and give the player something to get engaged in while he’s fucking these different waifus. Take a cue from Alicesoft for a change and make music that people enjoy. There’s no excuse for a bad soundtrack, constant sprite reusage and a thrown together plot. The main character may have had a great time fucking all these waifus, but the player? I don’t think they will.

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