Overcharger – All That We Had (2014)

France’s Overcharger are a brand of Southern Groove metal according to MA, and other than the thrashiness of their opener “Streets Of Terror” (5:11) I’m most certainly hearing that style for the remainder of the record. But let me explain what I mean by this. First off, the drums are what I felt first, as well as raucous atmosphere emerging from the aforementioned making me feel like I was listening to a more groove-laden At The Gates or Unleashed. I’m a fan of both of those acts, so I thought I was going to be in for a similar style throughout the rest of the disc. Unfortunately, the only time that you’ll hear pulse-pounding thrash on this record is during that track. Yes, I’m serious. I’m absolutely not making this up. The other seven tracks completely switch gears to offer something that sounds similar to EyeHateGod, Superjoint Ritual or Pantera and offers a thick groove sandwich replete with thick mud monster vocals. It’s still a worthy listen in so far as that atmosphere is concerned and comes with enough background in southern blues as it does metal to appeal to fans of both genres.

All That We Had is still vocally abrasive though, so don’t just hand it over to grandpa yet. “Hidden By The Moon” (5:30) might seem comfortable enough in it’s country twang, but there’s a definite vocal firepower here that will convince more than a few people of it’s “demonic nature.” But I’m quite sure that these guys don’t really care and they sure do put enough of that good old southern spirit into their music to be branded rebels. Of course, I’m not so sure that Damn Yankee’s such as myself have that kind of authority, but I’m going to dish it out nonetheless. The record definitely features a raw and rough-necked performance, even though the production quality is quite high and you’ll be able to discern everything rather well. There are a few instances in which these guys experiment with the structure and pump up the volume, but after “Streets Of Terror” you should be well aware of what to expect. I actually expected more songs to appear in the same vein as “Streets” but it doesn’t seem that the song represents the kind of band that Overcharger wants to be, even though I think it sounds better than anything else here. But you have to give these guys some credit however, as they’ve put out a rather solid southern groove record that I feel fans of similar acts will appreciate. It’s not quite my thing, but I can dig it.

(8 Tracks, 40:00)


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