Oxygen Destroyer – Bestial Manifestations of Deliverance and Death (2018)

Oxygen Destroyer

Bestial Manifestations of Deliverance and Death


After I had just written and recorded “The Grand Banquet” (which you can hear now on my band’s website) which is a literal song about becoming a Zoanoid and then a Kaiju monster (yes, old anime and tokusatsu are a pastime of mine, just finished Zyuranger) I was hit with this unexpected release from a Seattle black/death/thrash act with kaiju themed albums. It’ll never be fully realized until the guys start adorning monster suits onstage (but not like GWAR and Lordi – something more Kaiju themed, even though GWAR definitely has a Kaiju theme in some of their designs) but the music itself definitely works for me nonetheless.

I should mention that this is their debut full-length and it comes with a sort of gritty, raw production value that makes me melt just a little. I think the album wouldn’t come off as destructive as it does if the production was a bit higher and crisper. No, we want this to be dirty, filthy and smelly – just like some of those Kaiju monsters and the tokusatsu suits after the actors finished wearing them. The album reminds me a little of The Crown, Necrodeath, Impious (what ever happened to them?) and of course, you’ll also hear some Sodom, early Bathory, Sarcofago, Nunslaughter, very early Melechesh and numerous others. Frontman Jordan Farrow also manages to keep the mood with a frightening rasp that sounds not too far from the some of the various sounds that I’ve heard erupting from these horrific beasts over the years. Drummer Chris Craven (Weaponlord, but I don’t think that their debut Hail The Victorious features any songs based on the game, which I find unfortunate) is also an integral part to band’s sound, as he manages to provide most of the firepower and I’ve no doubt will sound like a Kaiju on stage.

Really, this whole thing reminds me of a Guyver episode where Zoanoids had integrated in with the human population, and that meant forming a band. It was meant to be a “boy band” although there were definitely guitars used in the project. Unfortunately, the episode did little of adapting them and that’s more or less what I think of Oxygen Destroyer here, a band made up of Kaiju (well, not obviousy Kaiju or they would be fifty feet tall) or some other kind of monsters that offer a “great and terrible” performance that I think fans of speedy, balls-out thrash and black/death metal are going to love. There isn’t a lot of variation here, but I’m not looking to hear the xylophone this time around (and they can always use it on the next album, so no big deal).

The package comes off quite promising and I wish these gentlemen the best of luck in their rampage of stomping down large buildings and spitting fire. If you also like to stomp buildings (which are always non-descript structures placed far out of the way in tokusatsu) and spit fire, and are somehow not inside of a cage under twenty-four hour government surveliance, then you’re going to dig this album too. Experience the no-holds-barred carnage at the link below.

(10 Tracks, 29:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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