This mostly Indiana-based three piece made up of mostly former members of the black metal act Maax (currently on hiatus) have decided to add some modernization into their decidedly blackened sound with this self-titled debut. Bits of groove, thrash and even melodic death metal have gone into this concoction, makingContinue Reading

Solanum are a Canadian punk/thrash act that have crafted a record that I feel is more or less a decent effort. As I listened to these seven tracks, I noticed that I heard barely a difference in any of them and the disc just kind of came and went. IContinue Reading

Written and Directed by Kevin Smith Starring: Michael Parks as Abin Cooper, John Goodman as Joseph Keenan, Stephen Root as Sheriff Wynan, Melissa Leo as Sara Cooper Amid a small local media buzz about a group of religious protesters picketing the funeral of a recently murdered homosexual teenager, a trioContinue Reading