Perihelion – Zeng (2015)

Hungary’s Perihelion have created what they call a mix of avant-garde and post metal here with Zeng. Just by looking at the album art alone, you can kind of get a feel for the sound experienced here and that comes with a clean vocal approach similar to that of Garm or ICS Vortex, except performed in Hungarian and with only a small hint of black metal influence. It’s still there, it’s just very subtle and I feel that was done on purpose. I’m even getting a Solefald influence, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t – I mean, this stuff is just downright majestic and beautiful and matches what I have always felt about Solefald releases. There are some harsh vocals in areas and a couple of blast beats to be had as well. I also think that fans of Vintersorg and Borknagar would find something in this, and would greatly urge them to try what is a truly powerful soundscape of a disc. It’s still a heavy record, with extreme metal being at the core of all this beauty. Yet there’s also some atmosphere to be had in what feels like a kind of scratchy drone with glassy melodies (Űzött) and some definite art rock moments. Zeng is heavily melodic and almost feels like a drug trip through the astral plane. It’s a wonderful disc that should appeal to people who like their art and music just as equally aggressive. Some could even say that it is both music and art. There’s something really spectacular about this one and it shows that Perihelion truly need more exposure. Zeng is a record that is definitely worthy of praise and should be recognized. In case you missed it, now is a great time to give it a listen.

(8 Tracks, 34:00)


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