Pharaoh Overlord – Zero (2018)

Definitely one of the more interesting releases that I’ve heard this year, Pharaoh Overlord combine experimental and completely far-out psychedelic rock music with elements of death metal on the vocal end. The frontman possesses a very powerful growl, quite similar to that of Demilich, although musically I feel like I’m being thrown into a vortex of swirling colors, much like one would experience while on LSD. It can sound a bit post rock and there some definite elements of eighties synth to be found within the keyboard passages. The sixties prog-rock influences are definitely in play here as well, making for one of the most extreme trips I’ve ever taken regarding this kind of music. Normally, vocals are uncommon for this sort of musical journey, but I honestly do not think that the thundering death growls in play here deviate from that experience. That being said, the recroding here doesn’t even sound anything close to death metal, so I wouldn’t even suggest a bout of headbanging fury to be found. Though you can, if the need arises because it can get a little groovy. Nevertheless, the listener is getting a rather intriguing drug trip that I would recommend for fans of death metal, stoner and synth rock as well as just plain experimental takes like Mr. Bungle. To be honest, Demilich with a side of Mr. Bungle and some LSD really seems to work well enough to describe this one, and I couldn’t be more pleased from the performance. It’s safe to say that there aren’t really any other bands combining this style with the death metal vocals, as well as the abstract experimentalism. You either get one or the other and never both. Pharaoh Overlord manage to deliver far more than we ever asked for, and manage to exceed far more of my expectations than I would have ever believed. Prepare to get your mind blown with this taste of aggressive psychedelia, at the link below.

(6 Tracks, 41:00)


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