Posthuman Abomination – Transcending Embodiment (2018)

Posthuman Abomination

Transcending Embodiment

Comatose Records

From the unmistakable pounding of the drumkit in the beginning, I can already tell that this is a fine example of potent brutal death. This time we have Posthuman Abomination, a new act formed from members of several other Italian death metal acts, to play more Italian death metal. Suits me just fine, especially considering the electrifying performance and Devangelic drummer Marco Coghe in particular. As one might expect for haywire drumming acrobatics, the guitars get drowned out just a bit – but surprisingly not enough to become completely buried. The vocal approach is just as furious here as the drumming, amounting to a performance that literally caused me to stop writing the review for a minute in order to stop and play on an imaginary drum kit.

Transcending Embodiment is one of those no-bullshit BDM experiences that offers such a fantastic display of skinsmanship that it almost became euphoric to play along with. Though not only that, because Posthuman Abomination offer such a dynamic approach to what is often seen as a mere backbone in most bands – and it’s literally what my ears and following along with the whole way through. If there’s any major qualms that I have here, it is that the performance is slightly marred with opening soundclips, which seem to take me out of the action. There’s a definite degree of technicality in the not only the drum work as I’ve noted several times already, but in the unconventional guitar work; something I just happen to find fucking brilliant. The whole album sounds like some sort of well-oiled machine, but it doesn’t come without purpose. There are so many acts out there seeking to merely throw paint against the wall and see what sticks, but this record is definitely a product of creativity and is not afraid to shift the tempo when absolutely necessary to keep listeners engaged – just in case you weren’t already by its jaw-dropping approach to artistic brutality.

Transcending Embodiment won’t reinvent the wheel for the genre, but it’s a damn fine listen. After jamming everything from Malevolent Creation in order to pay respects to what I’d consider to be an amazing frontman in Brett Hoffman, it’s not unusual to hear some influence here. These guys definitely carry that formula to a whole new level and BDM at least, is doing quite well in this day and age. What an amazing debut, and I can only hope for another great series of performances in the future. There’s really something here and you’d have to be a fool not to notice it. Check the disc out at the link below.

(9 Tracks, 31:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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