Project Wormhole – Time Beings (2018)

Project Wormhole

Time Beings


When I was asked to review Project Wormhole, I didn’t realize that this was an instrumental album. I don’t do as many of these as I used to, because I haven’t been hearing anything from instrumental prog metal acts that I haven’t heard from other instrumental prog metal acts. It feels like there’s a lot of copycatting in this genre and I tolerated it for so many years. I’m just not that keen on it these days. However, there are some nice things about Project Wormhole. The first section of “Concepts” works as a nice opener for a pounding metal gone trippy prog rock section which seems to include some pretty jazzy moments. Makes me think of Sonic The Hedgehog a bit. Definitely Chemical Plant zone. “Constructing Human Weakness” would sound a bit better with vocals I think, it sounds a bit “boneless” is what the kids are using now – I think? “Cycles” is a pretty cool prog jam, I think. There’s obvious technical influence with a dash of elevator music. Of course, this is an elevator to some kind of trippy astral realm. “Echoes” is alright, I guess. As I flipped through the rest of the tracks after hearing it completely the first time around, I’m left with the same impression. This is nice, but I think I’ve already heard it done best with Blotted Science, which I was shitting over years ago.

If you’re a fan of Blotted Science or other extreme instrumental prog metal acts, you’ll dig this – but I just think that these albums need to offer a bit more for me. To be honest, it feels like different variations of the same formula and that doesn’t speak to me as being truly original. I’d like to see several different types of composition tried with this style of music, not just the bass-heavy extreme prog metalfests that I’ve heard for years now. To each their own, because a lot of synthwave sounds similar and I just zone out to it, so I’m sure that some people feel the same way about this kind of music as well. Though if you’re interested, I’ll provide the link below.

(10 Tracks, 41:00)


Purchase HERE (Release Date, October 27th)

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