Protector – “Reanimated Homunculus”

Protector - Reanimated HomunculusFormerly known as Missy Martin And The Protectors, Protector has reformed with a brand new album a sound that’s supposedly closer to their eighties style. And well, if their eighties style is death infused classic thrash; then they’re doing a damned good job. If you don’t fucking believe me, check out the album’s title track (4:29). If you can’t feel the metal in that, then I really don’t know what the hell to say to you. I mean, when I hear that fucking song; it’s just immediately obvious how badass the piece is. And of course, the band adds a nice solo to spice it up even more. For the most part, Reanimated Homunculus is an album that thrashes “Road Rage 3:39″ when it doesn’t groove “Antiman 5:02″ and that’s just fine with me. It’s quite fast paced and reeks of old school greatness, but with new school production. The vocals are sharp and raspy; the guitars thunder and blaze and the drums… well, they do what they’re supposed to and really seem to kick at some moments on the disc (even though they could be a bit better.) But for a band that used to call themselves Missy Martin And The Protectors, this new sound is definitely befitting of them. It doesn’t really take a mountain of text to describe the ferocious effort on this disc, which encapsulates the very sound and essence of classic metal. I highly recommend that every metal motherfucker gets their hands on this one. If this guy wants to call himself Missy, well that’s just fucking fine with me. Because Missy and the crew don’t play patty cake… they play fist pumping metal that’s perfect for anyone. If you don’t have this album in your collection; then you’ve got some explaining to do.

Highlights: Reanimated Homunculus, Lycopolis, Road Rage, Antiman (10 Tracks, 37:00)



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