Proxillian – But Sorrow Remains

Proxillian are what I would term a traditional heavy metal act, and they’ve got a capable, albeit annoying frontman. Marcel can hit the highs, but he sounds unbearably off-key for most of the performance, which I admittedly didn’t catch the first time, or I’d obviously have skipped over this one. Yet on this second listen, it is almost akin to cats scratching on a chalkboard. The man literally seems to choke all over the standard verses, which doesn’t say much for the rest of the band, which appear to merely plod along. There’s nothing really mind-blowing about the backing act and it’s a little rough to boot. Aside from a few well-noted high falsettos, I almost feel like But Sorrow Remains is an absolute chore to listen to. I’m having a very tough time getting into it, even though there’s still something here. It’s faint, but could prove worthy with more experience and possibly vocal coaching. It’s decent enough, but I don’t feel I could recommend it over other acts in the genre.

(11 Tracks, 47:00)


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