Pulsar Colony – Seven Hollows (2018)

Pulsar Colony

Seven Hollows


Though I admittedly was not able to get into their last release, Seven Hollows seems to put the Pulsar Colony formula back on track, as mastermind Charles Sabo works to create a fascinating alien landscape where the very atmosphere is the greatest part of the experience. Sabo’s playing is quite out of the ordinary and it’s what makes the project stand out, as it always has. It is a very slow type of metal, but the lack of speed allows the soundscapes that he creates to come off a bit better. I’m not really sure what the lyrics are about here, but Sabo is a very interesting person when it comes to that and I’m sure this album is no different.

The interesting thing about Seven Hollows is that even though several of the songs might blend together, it equals out to a cohesive experience, which not to repeat myself again; culminates into an atmosphere which I’d consider to be quite twisted in retrospect. Sabo uses a couple of clean lines on the record here, which don’t seem to work all that well for him, but it might be the same reason I’m not using clean lines on our albums. I used to be a pretty decent vocalist until I broke my nose, even though I sounded like a choir boy. Now I sound like a nasally choir boy, so I don’t want to subject all of you to that. This being said, Sabo’s vocals actually sound much better than that, so more power to him in that regard. I particularly love the unexpected punchier notions on the album, though there aren’t all that many here. I especially love the final note on the disc though, where Charles Sabo’s clean vocal lines sound the best that I’ve ever heard them. Not bad at all.

If you’re into weird soundscapes coupled with spoken word segments and bits of black and death metal, you will find something to like here. The disc has a heavy low end though, which is where I really feel that it shines. There’s still a bit of a doom notion, which Arkansas is quite known for. We like our doom and you’d understand that more if you lived here. It’s a very doom kinda place. Give the disc a listen at the link below, it’s quite a treat.

(5 Tracks, 71:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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