Rape Crisis Actor – Crisis Actor (2016)

Considered dissonant death/grind, this extremely short performance is the result of an ongoing collaboration between two New York acts, namely grindcore outfit The Communion and death metallers Black Harvest (you do know who Black Harvest is, right?). Kishor Haulenbeek composed all of the music while Nick Cacioppo added in all of the wonderful vocal elements (aside from the backing vocals, which Haulenbeek is responsible for.) In any case, the listener gets a five minute bashing which doesn’t come without a certain level of notable musicianship. You’re not just getting a bunch of harsh vocals delivered right to your eardrums at the speed of a Japanese bullet train, you’re getting a bunch of harsh vocals delivered right to your eardrums at the speed of a Japanese bullet train along with structured (surprisingly, as short as these songs are) and well-meant atmospheres. This is one of the few grindcore influenced albums that doesn’t simply fly in and out of my ears and that I feel is noteworthy. As I said, it’s only five minutes long and you could listen to it approximately one-hundred and twenty times within the span of an hour but that hour will probably stretch out and feel much, much longer as these guys have seemingly done all in their power to NOT make this record seem like just another slab of death/grind. It’s the kind of progressive and technical death/grind that almost reminds me of The Dillinger Escape plan and Anaal Nathrakh, which should appeal to a variety of people just in those comparisons. With such an oblong and technical influence at the forefront here, something really interesting could come from this. Again, it is only five minutes of music, but I can say that I’ve heard ten-thousand times worse than this in the same amount of time.

(3 Tracks, 5:00)


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