Raum Kingdom – Everything & Nothing (2018)

Raum Kingdom

Everything & Nothing


Irish post-metallers Raum Kingdom have returned with a record that surprisingly doesn’t sound quite as Toolish as their EP. Employing hard-hitting elements of doom, mixed in with ferocious screams and chants (of which there are a lot on this) we have something of a decidedly ritualistic flair. It’s not too dissimilar from SubRosa, but definitely straddles between a fiery heat and a cool breeze, not to mention a few of the trippy effects utilized on the piece in order to give it a sense of grandeur. “Winter” which features Mia Govoni adds a nice alternative rock approach to what would otherwise be a face melter. With this album, I sense that Raum Kingdom wants to show fans that they can do more than emulate your favorite post-metal act and throw in some Tool here and there for good measure.

Everything & Nothing is a far more vibrant listen that takes what could be considered “chill music” and throws in angry shouting man backed with hefty guitars. It works though, bringing in as I said before – a fierce sense of ritual. Surprisingly, the frontman doesn’t sing so much on this album, he’d rather scream his guts out and that’s perfectly fine, but if I could sing like this guy, I probably wouldn’t be screaming my guts out on our albums. (I wouldn’t be trying out for American Idol either, because that’s a bunch of bullshit). If by any chance you missed Raum Kingdom as a heavy metal band, a loud, fearsome monster at that; then you’re going to appreciate this disc more than you realize. “Hidden Pain” immediately begins with angry screaming man, which will sound killer on stage too, because blood-curdling outpours of throat tissue sound fucking great with backed with the threatening thunderstorm of doom in the background. Obviously you could make many comparisons here to acts like Cult Of Luna and even early Mastodon, but it is obvious that Raum Kingdom have come into their own unique sound with this release which certainly feels like a great deal of effort was put into it. Hopefully the fans and newcomers will discover that as well. They’ve shed off the slight Tool comparisons to become something completely unexpected, although welcomed at the same time. There’s a real sense of passion and soul to this album and I personally loved jamming it. It spoke to me. If you think that the record might speak to you, then you can check it out at the link below.

(7 Tracks, 61:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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