Raus!/Perunwit – Split EP

Raus Perunwit - Split EP

Raus!/Perunwit – Split EP (2014) – This is an odd split from an industrial band by the name of Raus! and a legendary “dark barbarian ambient” band by the name of Perunwit, who are also the oldest Pagan band in Poland. Raus! is a side project of Shadow from the band Black Altar, who has created a blend of industrial black metal in the vein of Mysticum and Iperyt (who we reviewed a while back) with a guest appearance by Shocker from Iperyt. I might also mention that while both of these gentlemen (Shadow and Aro) are in Raus!, Aro is the sole member of Perunwit.

The first song on the Raus! side of the split is a rather bombastic intro, ‘Spirit Ov Victory 4:17″ that doesn’t really sound anything like black metal, but it is worthy of a film score. After such an exaggerated intro, “Raus 3:27” finally begins with a militaristic style of riff and drum patterns, complete with a fierce rasp that occasionally lets on to show that he has some rocks in his throat. “Ich Bin Got 4:48” goes right into samples and drum marches, as the guitars slowly warm up to feature more prominence amongst the veritable death marches that bellow forth. “Genocidum Atrox 4:35” utilizes electronics coupled with faint post black riffs and whispers to communicate a rather interesting experiment. I don’t think it’s completely fleshed out yet, but it’s definitely interesting. The last song on the piece is the heavily industrialized soundscape of “Go And Die With Honour 3:27” which sounds like a veritable march of the machines.

The Perunwit side of things is much different, as you might expect. It also begins with an intro entitled “Within The Chant Of Raven Choirs 3:59” of which I can hear crows (or are those ravens?) cawing amidst the sounds of a large drum being hit and some tingling chimes. It slowly builds atmosphere, but seems a tad too long for me. “Berserkir 4:24” tingles a bit more, as a sword unsheathes and another bell is hit amongst the sounds of tribal drumming and some Gregorian chants as well as some almost mantric noises. It’s quite different, I’ll tell you that! Then what sounds like it could have come right from feudal Japan comes bustling forth? Where’s the movie trailer? I could have sworn I heard this in a movie trailer. These sounds move right back into the chants, as it rolls through a couple of loops until the end. Quite memorable though. I rather liked it. “Blood, Honour And Sword Live? 3:46” comes next, bringing the same Samurai nature to them, making this an odd sort of Pagan music. It sounds like it belongs in the far east, and that’s fine with me. Most people already know that I’m quite a fan of the land of the rising sun. “Retra 3:31” sounds like a temple. I don’t know why, but it sounds like I just walked into a ritual temple and it makes me want to dance. I’ll be honest, there’s something about the drumming and atmospheres in this music that seems to unlock odd subconscious sectors of my mind. The same effects can be achieved through the soundscapes of Dead Can Dance and Arcana. “Sunwheel 3:06” ends our journey with even more worldly atmospheres, which all seem to add a wholly mystical vibe to the work.

In the end, you get two different types of atmospheres on the record, one achieving far greater successes than the other. But if you like industrial landscapes and some black metal too, then you’ll love the Raus! side of the record. But if you’re like me and you zone out to the music of mystic lands and foreign cultures, then you’ll love the work done by Perunwit. Either way, it’s a wonderful disc and I would highly recommend those of an open mind to check it out.

(10Tracks, 39:00)



2 Responses

  1. SF

    Nie, żebym się czepiał, ale się czepię.
    EP to rodzaj płyty vinylowej o prędkości pbrotów 45rpm, podobnie jak LP, tylko w tym przypadku prędkość to 33.
    Jeśli zaś codzi o k krótkie albumy, poprawnym i precyzyjnym określeniem jest Mini-Album.

    • Eric May

      Thanks for your comments. I can’t really understand the language all too well, but the record was highly enjoyable. – Eric


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