Red Seas Fire – Confrontation EP (2014)

Red Seas Fire - Confrontation EP

“The first time I heard Red Seas Fire, it was when they were giving their debut EP away for free. But they’ve certainly changed since those days and this new EP comes as a good marketing decision as far as the band’s style change goes, but I don’t know how well it’ll work for some of us older heads. At any rate, Red Seas Fire are definitely utilizing the djent riffs, core screams and clean whines that compose most of the djent/core scene. These guys definitely know what kind of music they want to make however and should serve as a good snack between the last and the next Bring Me The Horizon release. Fitting also, that they come from the UK where Bring Me The Horizon also make their home. So it’s quite easy to see where their inspiration came from, but if you love your djent riffs, prog melodies and a mix of clean vocal and angst-ridden scream, Red Seas Fire will be just the band for you. I don’t remember the band sounding like this, so I probably won’t pick this album up myself, but I definitely recommend that you give the album a shot if this appeals to you…”

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