Review: Abre Ojos – Gates

Abre Ojos - Gates

Abre Ojos – Gates (2014) – Gates is out there folks, and I really do mean out there. Definitely not a metal record, a heavy record or a rock record, this is one experiment that showcases industrial and atmospheric noise at its finest. Now technically, this record seems to be an accompaniment piece to astral projection. You simply turn off all the lights during the night time hours, or find a quiet place during the day where you won’t be disturbed and put this album on. Music during any sort of metaphysical practice can work to help or hinder, hence why Gates is completely devoid of any toe-tapping beats or rhythms. It’s not so much music as much as it is atmosphere. It is the soundtrack to another plane of existence and life, one which scientists will decry as false because they simply haven’t enough research on the subject to fully understand it. In my view, one’s experience is tantamount to truth and despite what may be read or discerned from articles on the disinfonet, what one experiences during such a practice is by far a validation. Some prefer the use of psychoactive drugs; though I am wholly against this idea despite the stories I have heard about DMT allowing you to learn ages worth of information in mere minutes. Yes, I’ve had my talks with DMT users before. I am not sure as to whether or not the members of Abre Ojos used DMT while crafting this experience, but the end result is something that I’m sure DMT users will be playing to help them to further experience whatever happens to the pineal gland receiver while on DMT. If you choose to not use this record to aid in astral traveling or do not believe in such things, then the experience as a whole should still create a sort of trance-inducing effect that you might enjoy for an hour or so. But usually people who do not believe in these things won’t listen to this kind of music either. My case in point is that scientists have come out to say that they do not read fiction books, because they are not true. A generation of confused skeptics seem to be crawling out from the woodwork, with their ages ever younger. But perhaps for our generation, there are still some with a valid argument and experience to back the otherworldly feelings, sights and sounds that one might ascertain from listening to Gates. It is unknown as to what you will experience, so give it a listen and then validate your results.

(11 Tracks, 55:00)



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