Review: Ancient VVisdom – Sacrificial

Ancient VVisdom - Sacrificial

Ancient VVisdom – Sacrificial (2014) – What can I say about Ancient VVisdom that you don’t already know? Just as we expected from them, they’ve delivered another dark-tinged rock album; managing to blow away the competition and sing about Satan in the process. The last album Deathlike may have been focused on the grim topic of our final journey, but Sacrificial sounds like a Satanic praise and worship album. Songs like “Blood Offering 3:50” and “Devil’s Work 3:14” further cement this, showing off Nathan’s glass-like clean approach while the rest of the band channel Type O Negative and mid-era Tiamat to some extent. The core of the record is just like the last, where a strong chorus really sells the experience and in this case, it’s quite true. It’s almost encroaching on Ghost territory, but that’s certainly not a bad thing in my eyes. It shows that Ancient VVisdom is not just another wannabe gothic rock band. These guys manage to make something so dark, so devious and so evil… sound beautiful. This kind of makes you question your perception of these subjects. Are we merely being played by some unholy trickster living at the bottom of a fetid pit, or is there something about the left hand path that we’ve yet to grasp. Most people have both a right and left hand, and not surprisingly; most of us are quite adept with the use of both of them, like typing on this laptop for example. So if we’ve got both the left and the right hand, then surely the left hand path is just as important as the right hand, if not more so. I would type much fewer words with just the left hand or the right, so in essence, I need them both. If you haven’t been using your darker left hand lately; then perhaps it’s time to experience a little bit of the devil’s work here in Sacrifice.

(10 Tracks, 35:00)



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