Review: Apostate – Time Of Terror

Apostate – Time Of Terror

Apostate – Time Of Terror (2015) – Apostate’s Time of Terror will be released on March 2nd on Ferrum Records. “Solar misconception” begins the album with a cinematic flourish and a quote “I reveal my innermost self to my god” where it quickly becomes obvious that the god in question is not the king of kings. It plods forward with a very deep sound, ambient noises in the forefront and the constant pressure of super heavy doom backing it up. It picks up tempo after the middle, the guitars rage here reaching a black metal tremolo. The vocals on this are very strong. His raspy, low delivery is quite fitting for the sound. Near the end it crescendoes up with the drums doing a nice blast beat. “Pale Reflection” Starts off very slow with a warm inviting riff and it builds up to a section that reminds me of why I love this funeral doom sound. Then the middle literally kicks off, the kick drum starts with some double bass for an epic brutality I can embrace. A scream accompanies the transition back to some slower goodness. The end of the song is another blackened crusty section. “Pain Served Slow” lives up to its name in the beginning. It gets quite fast toward the middle with another chewy black metal style center, this time there is a bit of death metal riffage. Then it goes back to a slower pace and gets quite spacey towards the end with an instrumental section that fades out nicely. “Memory Eclipse” Starts off with some mid-tempo death metal goodness, the vocals roaring out nicely. It slows down and plods on as doom ensues. This part reminds me of Serpentine Path. A solo stretches its wings during this part a nice wailing, groovy addition. After another vocal section, another solo wraps up the song nicely. “World Undying” Is the longest song on the album and a very strong closer as it seamlessly transitions at key points from droning doom reminding me of Thergothon to a mid-paced pummeling akin to Bolt Thrower. Then back to doom and then a kvltish part with a movie clip playing over a riff that is close to Leviathan. Then the vocals roar back into the mix. All in all, if you like a slightly technical mix of groovy doom, black and death metal with roaring vocals this album is a good bet the only negative thing I could say is that the songs seem to differ slightly on volume and seem to be recorded very loud. I really enjoyed this after a couple of listens and a standout track for me would be “World Undying.” This is my kind of music! (Eugene Martin)

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