Review: Ascended Dead – The Advent (2015)

Ascended Dead

Ascended Dead – The Advent (2015) – Ascended Dead’s The Advent is an admittedly rough, yet uncompromising death metal act from California. This is essentially a compilation of the band’s previous material which sounds incredibly musty, but also rather warm. As I said before, The Advent is uncompromising in its delivery and you’ll receive the sort of approach that sounds like a demon is trying to claw its way into your ear canal.

The first couple of songs come from the band’s demo, which sounds of surprisingly higher quality than the two cuts lifted from their EP, which sounds like the band are trapped in a cave somewhere and the only sound that managed to escape into the recording was funneled through the tiny holes of air in-between the boulders.

There’s definitely more of a pure death metal influence on this record and the scowl is shelved for a hoary growl which seems to work well with the rocky sound of the act. Trust me, this record sounds as if it was recorded with hefty stone instruments in the middle of a gravel quarry, or in that cave as I mentioned earlier.

You’re still going to hear some interesting song structures in between this boulder metal, but good luck hearing the guitar that seems to whizz in and out throughout the release. It’s there; it just seems a little muffled behind the drums at times. All in all, these guys could definitely become something and time will tell for sure. But for now, it just sounds like lumps of gravel, rocks, dirt and the occasional guitar solo. But if you like death metal that sounds like it was recorded in the stone age; then go for it!

(6 Tracks, 23:00)


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