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Axolotl – Voices Of Luna (2015) – Who in the hell are Axolotl? Well, I don’t know exactly, but I do know that these Germans kick mounds of serious ass. Is that a good enough review? What? Really? Oh, alright. Since you’ve asked, I’ll explain exactly how they are capable of kicking so much ass in a little less than an hour.

First of all, Axolotl come packed with a hell of a drummer. You can hear him from the start and he delivers on each and every song. There’s definitely a thrash spirit on the record, yet the vocals are exceptionally ferocious. Being a vocalist myself, I quickly noticed this gentleman’s skill and I think that he’s got the kind of growl that truly stands out on this kind of record. But that’s only half of the cake.

We’ve also got to talk about the guitars here and that’s where I’m hearing another load of firepower, with truly memorable leads and top-notch shredding, not to mention the fact that these guitar compositions aren’t glued to the same sets of riffs for the length of each song. There’s also a feeling of melodic death metal (old melodic death metal, before Insomnium decided to add funerary elements to everything and everyone else followed) that can’t be denied, especially if you look at the band’s genre tag and see that they’re considered as such according to MA.

But to be honest, I’m hearing a little more than just that and certainly no core elements that unfortunately get sandwiched into melodic death metal these days. That’s rare, which is why Axolotl stood out. Seriously folks, I’ve almost lost my faith in a genre I once loved a great deal because everyone felt like going in this accessible core route, and it warms my cold black metal heart to hear a band that’s actually trying to go in the complete opposite direction, which is why Axolotl’s Voices Of Luna sounds as memorable to me as Carcass’s Heartwork or Dark Tranquillity’s The Gallery.

Clearly these Germans have studied up on what true melodic death metal is, and they’ve regurgitated it with such a memorable amount of sound and fury that I can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. You honestly mean to tell me that these guys aren’t even signed? What the hell are you people doing? If I had enough money, I’d create a label right now to sign these guys. Trust me, if I had a record label all of these great bands that come my way would actually have a home. I’m tired of seeing so many acts not get represented and fall apart when they’ve got so much potential to offer the world.

There’s really no need for me to go any further and there’s really no need for fans of true melodic death metal to not hear this album. Trust me, you’ll be throwing all your Insomnium records in the fucking trash after this – that’s because this is the genuine article and they prove it with everything that matters in this kind of music. Whoever sent me this album deserves a medal, because it’s definitely one of my top records of the year. This goes without saying, but The Grim Tower highly recommends Voices Of Luna and we’ll recommend it for years to come. True melodic death metal isn’t dead yet!

(10 Tracks, 50:00)




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  1. Thorsten

    Hey!! Thanks, great Review!! One little mistake :-D, they ARE signed, in fact they are signed to Bret Hard Records in Germany ;-)


    Thorsten/Bret Hard Records

    • Eric May

      I apologize heavily, Thorsten. I was going off of Metal Archives again. Apparently they don’t update as frequently as they should. Still, an absolutely amazing band and I’m REALLY glad that you’ve signed them. Trust me, these guys could go far and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

      • Dennis

        Metal Archives doesn’t let us create our Page any further :( So there’s no way to update this.
        But when you check “Voices of Luna” on in the discography, you cann see, that our Label is added there.
        Nevertheless, Thanks for the Great review!


        Dennis, Axolotl


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