Review: Black Mare/Lycia – Split (2015)

Black MareandLycia 2015

Black Mare/Lycia – Split (2015) – It’s odd that we get anything related to darkwave or with a gothic sort of feeling on it, which is what this split offers. Not so much on the Black Mare side of things, but definitely on the Lycia side. As for Black Mare, they come off as very mysterious and heavily atmospheric rock that sometimes reminds me of the great SubRosa. Anyone who even sounds remotely close to that style is worth recommending I feel, and that’s what you’ll get here. Problem is, there’s only one song and it makes me wish there was a whole album attached to this. I’d have liked that. When Lycia begins their foray into the wonderful worlds of darkwave, I am once again reminded of why I like bands like Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Audra and of course, Lycia. A small semblance of acoustics play along with light, yet airy rock riffs as a female vocalist gently coos whilst the fragile tone of the frontman encapsulates nothing but pure emotion. I have always thought that there was something very deep and magical about the world of darkwave music and I would certainly love to review more of it, if submitted. This split is best played in a candlelit room, or by the light of a full moon. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

(7 Tracks, 11:00)




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