Review: Cauldron Of Hate – Emperor

Cauldron Of Hate - Emperor

Cauldron Of Hate – Emperor (2015) – Cauldron Of Hate play death metal, and they seem to do a pretty reputable job of it on this latest release, which indeed contains a lot of firepower, bravado and might right from the start. They seem to want to go into slower realms on “Abyssal Ascension 9:11” which winds up sounding like Nile’s “Sarcophagus” but not nearly as memorable in the vocal approach. What they do have however, is a sense of texture and a tightly woven playing style that seems to capture what will surely be a recognizable act in the next couple of years, if not much sooner. Memorable melodies make up a huge section of this band and not the kind of melodic leads that you count rainbows to as these leads serve as death marches, whilst the drummer pounds the kit in a way that a man who’s done his time behind the kit for many years might do. He’s the kind of drummer that you’ll notice more than practically anything else, save for the guitar playing (of which I’ve already mentioned.) Emperor sounds like it was handcrafted by a group of gentlemen that know what good death metal is supposed to sound like and I’m sure that we’ll be getting more great material like this in the future. Though the album is short, the performance is strong enough to easily draw comparisons to all your favorite death metal fiends and you’ll be jamming it all of the way home on the very first listen. When you’re listening to a band called Cauldron Of Hate, you should expect death metal. But on Emperor, you should expect good death metal, especially. Definitely give this one a shot, it’s much better than some of the other death metal albums that I’ve heard on the list this week.

(5 Tracks, 27:00)

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