Review: Chapel Of Disease – The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art (2015)


Chapel Of Disease – The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art (2015) – Chapel Of Disease are back and I’m proud to say that with this third listen of the record, they’re even better than they were last time. I was exercising pretty heavily to this disc, which made it all the more endurable as The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art because this sophomore opus is an absolute beast. It opens up with “The Mysterious Ways 5:36” which is more or less an intro to the slaughtering that you’re going to receive when this mix of doom, death and thrash gets to pummeling your ears. Fronted by an absolutely bloodcurdling approach from the frontman, it also observes melody, as well as some awesome solo pieces that only add a little bit of glitter to the blood and gore laid before you, courtesy of the great old ones, no less. There’s even the sort of rampant theatrics here that you might expect from ritual black metal. But I feel that these theatrics help to make the performance genuine. They really pound out those doom riffs, while you’re at the same time getting earfuls of just plain memorable guitar work. I thought these guys were a pretty damn good band the first time, but now I’m positively assured that they’re a great one. To be brutally honest, there aren’t too many heads that won’t bang to this one and the very fact that people aren’t shitting their pants over it worries me. Chapel Of Disease really went above and beyond the call of Cthulhu in order to deliver a really fucking splendid performance that really sees its weight thoroughly distributed in all areas. The very fact that these guys can shift right over from ritualistic doom to thrash and lay on some tasteful rock n’ roll solos makes this record more than a match for me. “Lord Of All Death 8:26” really seems to kick the most ass, but there’s really something here for the horde as a whole. I’ve never seen the two genres of death/thrash and doom playing quite as lovely together as they are here and that makes these guys a serious act to remember. If maturity is something Chapel Of Disease needed to show, then The Mysterious Ways Of A Repetitive Art is most definitely that. Get your hands on this album right now. It’s been out for a while, so damn me for not reviewing it sooner. Hopefully the band can forgive my tardiness for this one and I won’t be fed to great beast of the black hole.

(7 Tracks, 47:00)




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