Review: Devast – Into Decimated Reality

Devast - Into Decimated Reality

Devast – Into Decimated Reality (2015) – Originally formed in Algiers around 2006 the vocalist/guitarist Idir “Morbid Desecrator” moved to Buenos Aires and joined forces with new drummer Draconum Oth the year the world ended (2012). Then vocalist Markos Guevara joined in 2014 and bassist Nicolas Soto rounded out the lineup in 2015. The new material is a little less forced sounding it has a more straight forward less technical sound to it. The drumming is a bit slower than the 2008 release allowing for more groove. It begins with “Remains of Human Decomposition” which is a spacey/eerie electronic sound clip. The brutality of this album is on full blast as soon as you hit the 2nd track “Physical and Mental Affliction.” The guitarist seems to almost be ripping the strings off and the riffs remind me a lot of old Cannibal Corpse. They do not allow much breathing room in between the brain pummeling ferocity. The punched bass sound at the beginning of “Dismembered Alive with Extreme Prejudice” is a nice touch; I also really enjoy the tapping solo! The vocals are a growl that is piggish now and then, sounding a lot of the time like a very large beast being slaughtered. The best track on this album for me would be “Cruel Methods of Punishment.” I really appreciate the way that the bass seems to pound your skull! If you enjoy your death metal in the vein of Devourment, Unmerciful and Dying Fetus, then this is a nice slice of that type of gore! The recording has also improved a lot since the last album. It will be available in March on Full Blast Records. (Eugene Martin)

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