Review: Ensiferum – One Man Army (2015)


Ensiferum – One Man Army (2015) – So this is what they call folk infused death-metal. I’ve heard quite a bit of this kind of metal at this point in my career. None of the others have stood out to me as much as Ensiferum.

For me, One Man Army is the perfect balance between folk and metal. Not being either too metal or too folk-y. But maintaining epic ballads with tales of adventure and conquest. Ensiferum ignites me, yet lulls me to peace.

Having formed in 1995, I was surprised to have not heard of these guys yet from the local metal community. These guys, and the occasional female vocalist, are making something new out of some very old things. And the message is not of darkness overwhelming us, but of victory. I like the encouraging lyrics and upbeat sounds that accompany the metal drums and killer melodic guitar riffs along with the very metal bass guitar and the epic vocals. These masses forged together to create a masterpiece from the very first song to the last, the album in perfect synchrony.

What can I say, I enjoy the sound and you will too. Check out Ensiferum here.


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