Review: Fallout H.R. – Human Crime

Fallout HR - Human Crime

Fallout H.R. – Human Crime (2015) – Human Crime Is an old school thrash album by an Italian three piece. “Human Crime” is an instrumental that sets the tone nicely with the bass really standing out for thrash metal standards which pleases me. It has a very nice buildup to it that is a good indicator of the upcoming old school badassery. “Red Forest” is a headbangers delight, the vocals hanging out somewhere between Testament, and Death Angel. And it’s got political lyrics, like good thrash should have. “Silent Deception” is a slightly misleading title, because this song is not silent at all. It has some very fast riffs that are like some of the best Overkill, Destruction and Kreator. “Until The Fallout” is my favorite track (mine too – Eric), it begins with a scream that demands your attention. The rest of the record does not lose it either, and with some great classic thrash goodness it throws you for a loop in the middle when it slows down and has a spoken word segment before closing out with a superbly executed solo. There is a Candlemass cover of “Solitude” Which they predictably sped up by quite a bit. They successfully adapted it to fit the rest of the release. I would like to hear more from these guys. (Eugene Martin)

(5 Tracks, 18:00)

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