Review: Fragarak – Crypts Of Dissimilation

Fragarak - Crypts Of Dissimilation

Fragarak – Crypts Of Dissimilation (2013 SPOTLIGHT) – I wasn’t quite sure what kind of death metal Fragarak were going to offer, but with this 2013 release I have to say that I’m quite impressed. Not only do the frontman’s thick and slimy vocals work immensely for me, the melodies portrayed amidst the progressive structures on this disc are immeasurable. There are technically only three major tracks on the release, but if were to compare this to a sandwich, it might as well be an Arby’s Meat Mountain. It’s thick, full of variety and takes a long time to digest. You’ll have to listen to it quite a few times (and you will) in order to get the full gist of it, but there’s barely a dull moment to be had on the album – and the massive solo efforts make the experience even more worth your while. Fragarak just plain make great metal music, period.

(6 Tracks, 39:00)



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