Review: Gutter Instinct – The Insurrection (2015)

Gutter instinct 2015

Gutter Instinct – The Insurrection (2015) – If the band’s moniker didn’t already inform you, these gentlemen play death metal. And goddamn it, they do an awfully good job of it as well.

You know me, I like my classic and gravelly approaches to the genre, but I also like to hear menacing, bloodcurdling riffs. That’s what makes death metal to me – the more evil, the better. “War Command 3:20” comes in catchy as hell, with the kind of drumming that one should expect from a death metal band of this nature along with a frontman who belts out lyrics with the fury of five large trucks dumping out loads of concrete at the same fucking time.

“Under The Scythe 4:21” begins with a rather potent melody line right from the start, you should notice it instantly before the speed and pummeling begin. Some might not think so, but I think that these kinds of intros work to make the punishing sections stand out even more when they do finally come in to the mix. Don’t worry about the band lightening up however, as the carnage continues as the frontman loses his mind amidst all the groove and grotesquery.

But that’s another thing that I want to hear in death metal, a guy that sounds like he’s losing his goddamned mind. If you’re not into the music, I can tell. Going by the numbers efforts feel like exactly that, but there’s passion and conviction here that I absolutely cannot deny.

Simply put, these guys give a fuck about death metal and the first side of the LP shows that perfectly. It’s easy to tell who they were influenced by, so I’m not going to play that game. But what I will note is the ravaging sound that they’ve managed to craft from these influences. This record is like a bludgeoning to your skull and it feels every bit like a death metal album should.

Goddamn, this is great. I rarely do this, but I’ve simply got to acknowledge credit where credit is due. Definitely get your hands on this beast today. It’s one of the most promising death metal recordings I’ve heard in a while. If The Insurrection doesn’t affect you, then you might not like death metal to begin with. I’m sure there’s a Black Veil Brides or Pierce The Veil disc you might find more appealing… but I’ll stick with real man’s metal. Grrrr!

(4 Tracks, 17:00)


To stream Gutter Instinct, click on the album cover above. 



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