Review: Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King (2015)

CRUZ74 HAMMER KING cover final

Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King (2015) – I wasn’t sure what to expect with this debut from the German power metal quartet, but former Manowar axe wielder Ross “The Boss” definitely wasn’t lying when he said that they were” the real deal” and showed “power metal at it’s best.” After being completely blown away by this infectiously catchy album, I’m certainly inclined to agree. Though I feel that all of the songs and lyrical matter on this record are incredibly over-the-top in their dealings with hammers and kings respectively, it’s done with such a noteworthy attention to detail that I simply cannot take these guys as some sort of mere joke. Titan Fox sounds a lot like Joacim Cans of Hammerfall, and belts out choruses in much the same manner that we’d expect from the aforementioned legend, as Gino Wilde manages to not just create melodic passages, but also well-structured songs that offer potent solos and enough texture to keep the listener interested. But that’s not why you’ve come to Hammer King and even Hammer King themselves know that. This record is filled to the brim with fist-pumping sing-alongs that will surely sound even better on the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. But even if you’re not in the audience, songs like “I Am The King 3:43”, “I Am The Hammer King 5:01” and “Chancellor Of Glory 5:54” sound perfect for any Game Of Thrones marathon, and “We Are The Hammer 4:30” will make you think you’re rocking right along with the band in your living room. Simply put, Hammer King are made up of musicians who know what the formula for power metal is and they’re not afraid to use it. If you’re a fan of Hammerfall, you’re definitely going to hear a lot of similarities, but all of those will prove to be positive things and the record actually sounds even better than (R)evolution did last year. Kingdom Of The Hammer King is one of the strongest power metal debuts that I’ve heard in years and I can only imagine as to what the future will bring. We might even be looking at the next Hammerfall, the next Helloween, the next big power metal act that takes no prisoners… I’ve already found my favorite tracks on the release and I’m sure that you’ll find yours as well. It’s just that kind of power metal album, from that kind of power metal band. So listen to the king, listen to the story… and listen to the glory! (Eric May)

(10 Tracks, 49:00)


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