Review: Hateful Abandon – Liars-Bastards

Hateful Abandon - Liars-Bastards

Hateful Abandon – Liars-Bastards (2015) – First of all, Hateful Abandon are NOT the kind of band that you think they are, so get all of your ideas about black, sludge, death and post metal out of your head. That’s because hateful Abandon isn’t even metal, they’re electronic. Yes, it is not often we get electronic music here, but I’m always glad to see it as I enjoy it too. What Hateful Abandon appears to be in a militaristic electronic act with a rather coarse vocal approach like you’d expect from Neurosis. Sometimes though, that vocal approach is utilized in a more harmonic state, rather than one that comes off pure emotion (even though that’s certainly here as well.) It’s different than anything you’ve probably ever heard and without a doubt something you wouldn’t have expected in a hundred years. And even if there is one “metal” track on the disc in the vein of “High Rise 4:04” that metal is certainly snuffed out quickly when the electro pop of “The Test 5:56” comes roaring in. By now it should be rightly obvious to you that Hateful-Abandon is not the kind of band you can put into a box and I’d have no idea what you can expect at one of their concerts. But it brings to mind comic book writer Warren Ellis’s comment about “musical babies” and how we were going to be having a lot of them in the next few years. When we get to “The Walker 6:16” the style then changes to something that reminds me a little bit of Ulver’s The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell record. Once again, you never know what to expect from Hateful Abandon as they seem to hatefully abandon every new style that they utilize on this album. If you’re a fan of electronic music, post metal, atmospheres, avantgarde, and overall weirdness with definite shades of unpredictability, then you’ll absolutely love Liars-Bastards. I’m not even sure if that’s the way the album title is supposed to be written – that’s just how unpredictable this band is. But to say they’re not talented, well that’s a rather dirty observation and you’d better peer through the glass again. There’s definitely something wonderful here and its strong enough to even branch out and form its own genre. Definitely keep your eyes on this one, because I’ve taken them out and glued them to small hovering drones in which I’ll be able to monitor their every movement. Talent like this is worth keeping your eyes on as well, so definitely get a copy of Liars-Bastards if you’re looking for something new, original and positively unique.

(7 Tracks, 42:00)

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