Review: Humours – The Onanist (2015)

Humours – The Onanist (2015) – Humours might look like a bunch of latter-era Mastodon obsessed hipsters, but the music here certainly manages to sound out in a post rock sort of way that comes with its own degree of flair and experimentalism.

The Onanist is a short appetizer that shows a band with a firm grip on their instruments, as they utilize the skills required to create a memorable atmosphere riddled with prog theatrics. But unlike current era Mastodon, some harsher vocals are indeed utilized (think Remission but not that damn heavy) in areas, which help to bring a sort of “metal” feeling to a style that seems to derive from many sources. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed more than anything else about these guys, it’s their attention to detail.

The Onanist is literally full of twists and turns, which will leave the listener to clean up his own brain matter in the process. These gentlemen seem to love atmosphere more than anything else, as several influences from the seventies meld with more modern approaches in order to create a sound that comes off as equally tasteful as it does barbaric. Sometimes it does sound like a caveman fronting thunderous riffscapes, but for the most part, said caveman is drifting in outer space.

You know, that’s actually a good metaphor for a description of The Onanist. It’s like listening to a caveman floating through the stars, as the sounds of space itself work to provide an unbelievable and truly well thought out atmosphere. Fans of Mastodon, Floor, Torche, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dillinger Escape Plan and other acts will probably have a field day with this one, so let’s hope they manage to release another vessel out into the ocean of stars very soon.

(4 Tracks, 20:00)




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