Review: Maleficence – Journey To The Depths (2015)

maleficence 2015

Maleficence – Journey To The Depths (2015) – Sometimes with promos I will get these aged looking monochromatic pictures, which usually cause me to check to see if the album I’m reviewing isn’t a decades old remaster. But such is not the case with Belgium’s Maleficence, who might look and sound like an older act, yet have only been together since 2011.

This is their demo tape (albeit a digital version) Considered a mixture of black and thrash, I can certainly hear it on the disc, which charges in with fiery tremolos and a vocal approach that sounds like a cross between a scowl and a growl. Additionally, the drummer plays with quite a fervor and manages to hold up this undead skeleton of an act quite well. Make no mistake, these guys are ferocious and recall an unadulterated and untainted approach to black/thrash to which bands like Sarcofago may very well have influenced. To put it bluntly, it’s black/thrash with absolutely no frills.

You are getting a one-hundred percent pure mix of the two genres, complete with all the trimmings. There are no keyboards, atmospheric sections, clean vocals or even samples in ploy here. The demo sounds like it was recorded in the eighties and should heavily appeal to those who are looking for even more of this stuff to add to their collection. Maleficence is good at what they do, and they manage to make a real bump in the night. This is the genuine article, folks – true underground black/thrash the way that it used to be. No nuances whatsoever.

(4 Tracks, 18:00)


To stream Maleficence, click the album cover above. 



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