Review: Metal Machine – New Generation

Metal Machine - New Generation

Metal Machine – New Generation (2014) – This is the band’s first single from their untitled 2015 album, even though I should be rolling out a review for their 2014 Free Nation record quite soon as it blew my face off. There’s definitely a power-thrash vibe going on here, kind of like if Judas Priest and Iced Earth got together and I’m certainly digging it. The riffs are classic, the track feels full of fire and force and hell; I’d like to go see these guys live. It’s the kind of track that captures one hell of a chorus and you’ll want to hear that chorus repeated time and again. Can’t wait for that new disc guys, this is going to bust some heads and bring back what I like most about the majesty of metal.

(9 Tracks, 47:00)



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