Review: Midhaven – Spellbound

Midhaven – Spellbound

Midhaven – Spellbound (2015) – Is a melodic progressive metal album released for free download on Bandcamp. The band hails from Mumbai, India but sounds European. “Lunar Blessing” an instrumental track starts the album off with some synth and then moves into a section similar to Russian Circles. I think this part should have carried on a little longer but it’s still a good opener. “Seeking The Divine” is a fairly epic composition. Shifting from scream to cleans in a call and response style that works well, with the two vocalists contrasting nicely. “Midhaven” is a fairly laid back track similar to Amorphis with growls added in places of emphasis. “Tales from the Tide” is the place where the bassist really shines with rumbling authority reminding me of Tool. “Ascension” is a short song with synth drums and a growled quote. “Fall of Olympus” is my favorite on the album it is the heaviest song, and the only track without clean vocals it begins sounding like the more melodic stuff Enslaved has done with some nice growls. The second half is a jumpy section that sports a well-executed breakdown. “Third Eye” is a very good song as well, it effortlessly carries you back and forth from the heavy growls to spacey cleans and has a very nice solo to close it out. “Whitewash” begins very softly with a clean guitar part that features some nice finger picking that lulls you and the vocals on this song are sung with obvious emotion. The final track, “Death Row (Feat. Jordan Veigas)” is my least favorite and I do not enjoy the clean vocalist (I assume this is Jordan Veigas). It’s just not my style. (Eugene Martin)

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