Monster girls have been popular in Japan for quite some time now and are steadily gaining popularity as people become more attracted to inhuman entities. There’s a manga based on the concept right now and it’s apparently on the New York Times Bestseller list, with a forthcoming anime based on said manga set to hit your streaming devices soon. All of this is well and good, expect for the fact that Monster Girl Quest Complete is not based on any manga, nor will it be adapted into an anime series (although one could always hope) any time soon. Instead, the Monster Girl Quest began as a project from a small development team by the name of Torotoro Resistance and it was released in parts throughout the last couple of years. Spearheaded by a man who goes by the user name of “Torotoro” along with the help of several doujin composers and artists, this collaboration of hardcore RPG and hardcore sex simulator is one of the most intriguing little games I’ve played in the last year. But that’s not because of the latter factor as some might think, and it literally upsets me to no end that some people would rather just watch the numerous sex scenes in play instead of reading the brilliant story laden within. Yes, you heard me right – a guy finally managed to mix a great story and loads of hardcore sex together in a way that doesn’t come off like a cheesy porn knockoff title. Trust me, Monster Girl Quest deals with some very thick concepts and will have you thinking long after you’ve completed all three episodes.



The game begins with the player taking on the role of a young man by the name of Luka who sets off to begin a very common quest in most role-playing games, which is mainly to be baptized by a god-like figure and to defeat the dark lord, or in this case the Goddess Ilias and the Monster Lord, respectively. But upon having ran out into the middle of the woods like an idiot, and armed with a short sword that is rather useless at best, the youth runs into a snake-like monster. The monster explains that she had been knocked unconscious by a very powerful force, which had apparently sent her flying all of the way to Luka’s continent. Instead of eating him, she decides to join him on his adventure and in doing so, fulfills one of the game’s major roles. Calling herself “the traveling gourmand” one later finds out that she is indeed the Monster Lord that Luka and all other adventurers were sent to kill. But there’s a bit of a twist in the plot, as Luka was supposed to receive the Goddess’s baptism and was not able to because she never appeared to give it to him. This is what makes Luka appealing to the snakelike monster (who famously is known as Alice) as his sperm has not yet been tainted by the Goddess’s baptism, which apparently makes men less appetizing to monsters. As one might expect, it also means that nearly every monster girl in the land wants to rape, kill and eat our hero, and they’ll stop at nothing in order to do it. You see, according to the accompanied Monsterpedia, the majority of monsters live off male sperm as a form of nourishment. At least the ones who don’t devour him first. There are still those who want to have him in their belly, and the game definitely displays some of these “vore” scenes for those who would choose to witness the foul processes of digestion (I took those off, however) or would rather see our poor hero being devoured and chewed upon like a piece of steak. I’ve almost come to the realization that although Luka wears a pair of tights, he soon discards them as soon as he enters every fight, or possibly has a magical pair of tights that regenerate every time that a monster rips open the crotch on said pair of tights in order to pleasure him. Whatever the case, the Goddess Ilias strictly forbids of sexual intercourse between man and monster, and Luka’s goal during each battle is to not give into pleasure and let it all out. For if he does, then you can guess what happens next. This is of course where the fetishists masturbate and ignore the story, so I’ll skip such subhuman ideas and get to the meat of why this game was so enjoyable in the first place.



First of all, the dialogue in Monster Girl Quest Complete is interesting. You’ll actually want to keep playing the story and you’ll begin to take an interest in all of its characters as well. Nearly every NPC plays a major role and each of them experience a certain degree of character development that keeps you interested in their story, as well as your own. Alice accompanies you, but she also serves as your trainer and teaches you most of the skills that you will need to be able to fend off and seal the monsters that you’ll run into. Remember that cheap sword I was telling you about? Well, Alice gives you an Angel Halo (which is a sword composed of the bodies of several fallen angels that defied Ilias) and it actually has the power to seal monsters into a lesser form, which can be rather interesting depending on what you’re fighting, and comical (such is the case with Crab Girl, for example.) It does have the ability to in essence “kill” some forms later in the game, but perhaps that is best for them as you will see (and I will be getting to that point shortly.) As you ready your sword and travel the expansive world, Alice will bug you about food as she apparently has a never-ending hunger and is willing to eat as much of everything as she can possibly get her hands on, even though she doesn’t seem to gain any real amount of weight (hides it all in her tail, I guess) throughout the adventure. You’ll also run into the four heavenly knights, which consist of a Dragon warrior (Granberia), a Queen Succubus (Alma Elma) a spiteful slime (Erubutie) and a playful kitsune (Tamamo). In the beginning of the adventure these knights will want to test your abilities, but when you get to the final chapter, they will be your greatest allies. Additionally, there’s the utilization of status changing elementals called “the four spirits” which have their own unique personalities (that oddly enough seem to reflect their elements) and provide a little bit of humor in your quest as they imbue you with the ability to greater dodge attacks, resist grapples, restore skill points and even to become invincible during some points of the game.



That brings us into a discussion of battle. As I said, Luka more or less automatically throws off his tights during every battle so that the monsters can pleasure him to the point of release. But your goal is not to actually give in to said release and that is measured with a standard life counter. When it goes to 0, you’ll release and in essence, “die.” But you’ve got several skills at your disposal (taught by Alice, these become stronger as your progress) in addition to spirit abilities and even a technique that allows you to restore your health by half for only three small skill points. The only thing that I found frustrating about battle, is that some monsters have permanent grapple attacks, which you cannot escape and they will immediately begin raping you. In that case, it’s best to just reload the fight or watch the scene and then choose to re-fight the monster. If you do manage to die, you can click on “Evaluation” and Ilias will scold you as she also gives you a strategy that you can use to win against the monster you are having trouble against. This also leads into another issue I had with the game, where Ilias mentions that you have to use a certain elemental ability in order to dodge or break free from grapples. It’s not difficult to do and you usually have more than enough skill points to call upon a certain spirit (they refill by one point every time that you use a normal attack) but it is a bit of a pain. Especially when you’re about to be raped by something that you just don’t want to be raped by. You can’t rape the willing, but sometimes the player will not be so willing once they have seen the fearsome chimera experiments and the angels that appear in the final chapter. Without spoiling too much of the game, I can say that a fallen angel by the name of Promestein (who first gave man the gift of fire) created these beings in order to cleanse the world of both man and monster, and as I stated – they are horrifying. See the below:



Throughout the game, most of the monsters will be quite appealing to the red-blooded male or female interested in sexually attractive drawings. But once you are faced with some of the more grotesque looking images, you will want to dispatch them as soon as humanly possible. In addition to the chimeras, she also created the roids, which are a version of machine and monster that you would not want to cross in real life. Okay, so maybe some people would, but I’m not one of them – especially not Lamiaroid. But that’s a different story altogether. At any rate, as you continue throughout the game you’ll realize that perhaps Ilias isn’t so great after all, and perhaps mankind and monster should get along. As a matter of fact, that begins to be your quest from the very beginning, to bring peace to the world and allow man and monster to coexist and live in harmony with one another. Throughout the span of the game, you will see this weighty task come to slow fruition as people change their minds about the “monster menace” and start showing their love and affection to those of other races. And there are several of those, like the lamia, succubi, kitsune, mermaid, vampire and several others. Alice’s family even comes from a rather rare but powerful race of creatures, but the less said about that, the better. Despite the length of this review, I still haven’t covered the necromancer Chrome, the loli-bandits, the unfortunates, the legendary heroes and a bevy of other things that I just don’t feel like spoiling. You see, there are a great deal of philosophical messages at play here, especially those that come through the mouth of Alice and several other characters in the game. There’s also quite a bit of a Luciferian leaning in most aspects, as we find some things out about the hero and his past that put him very much in the role of something far more interesting than an ordinary hero. But I think that’s why Alice always referred to him as a “fake hero” as in many ways, he’s an anti-hero. He’s not interested in fighting in the name of a light-emanating goddess and just wants to see the world that he always thought could be. It’s a game that teaches us that there is indeed wisdom in dark places like that of the Monster Lord’s Castle and that one must not mask themselves in the false light of blind religion.



With any great story must also come a fitting soundtrack and Monster Girl Quest Complete captures that perfectly. From an adventurous walking theme, to a squeaky little battle theme (which fits the kind of battles you’ll be in perfectly) it seems that the composers really put a lot of thought into each of these tracks. Now there are some standard music themes on here, like a classical piece that plays during the unfortunates and for some odd reason, “Pomp and Circumstance” playing in the middle of Subasa Castle, but for the most part the player’s ears are treated to a well-worked soundtrack which truly shines in boss battles, and lets the player know when the boss in mind is just a normal boss, or a far superior boss than what the player has fought before. Even with certain latter battles, a great deal of thought was put into the music and that includes the grandiose theme for the final encounter in the game. Oddly enough, the music that plays during any rape scene is always the same, even during the finale (which I don’t feel belongs, since Luka is essentially making love at that point) and it consists of a simplistic series of what could be musical raindrops that seem to have a sort of sinister tone behind them. As I mentioned; some of the things in the game you absolutely would not want to be sexually involved in and would have you screaming like a child, so perhaps this theme is appropriate there.



As you can see, there’s much more to Monster Girl Quest Complete than an ordinary sex game. It’s got a profoundly deep story that many people (including myself) have stated would be just as great without the sexual content. There’s definitely an erotic aspect to the game and that I won’t deny, but when you mix sex together with an outstanding story that delves as deep into philosophy and existence as any truly noteworthy RPG, then you’ve got a recipe for greatness. Monster Girl Quest Complete is as great of a read as it is rewarding in terms of gameplay. There’s very little that I do not like about this little adventure and I highly advise you to download and play it for yourself. An NG+ mod is already in the works (with two episodes already completed) as well as a side-story featuring a female character (Cecil’s Quest) which is available in most torrents of the game. Knowing that the game was hugely pirated by fans in the US and Europe, Torotoro Resistance seem to be excited from all of the exposure and have been working together with an English translator on the next installment Monster Girl Quest: Paradox (an episodic full-on RPG experience being made in RPG Maker instead of NScripter) in order to create a full English version that the company will sell to directly to English speaking fans. I’ll be buying my copy and can’t wait to see Luka, Alice and all of my friends again in this new and completely different approach to an already fantastic series. A demo for Paradox is already available and translated, but you’ll have to scour the web for a copy of Monster Girl Quest Complete or purchase it from DLsite if you’re rolling in cash. Unfortunately, there seems to be no plan to put the game on Steam (but you really can’t due of all of the explicit content, even though it was tried) so you’ll just have to obtain it by sailing vessel or by bank. However you come upon this adventure, I’m quite sure that it’s one that you’ll remember for years to come, as there is simply nothing like it… and there probably never will be. (Grim Lord)



Story: 10/10

Playability/Fun Factor: 8/10

Control: 10/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Replay Value: 7/10



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