Review: My Travel Playlist Part IV: Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors (2015)


Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors (2015) Fourth on my playlist, but third place in my heart. I thoroughly enjoy the female vocals, the grunge influence, and the throwbacks to the 70’s dispersed throughout. Personally, I thought it sounded what a Jam band would sound like if they met the Deftones, fronted by Janis’ Joplin’s long lost protégé. It’s good, a little egotistical in pushing her voice so much in front of the fuzzy riffs and the backbeat. But then again, songs like “Forgive me, Karma,” all the more make up for the other songs shortcomings. With a rich and lustrous voice, and fuzz guitar like Queens of the Stone Age. Lyrics that any woman could relate to, with just the right hip-shaking beats I can dig Royal Thunder. If only the vocals would be put behind the fuzz and the beat a bit their score would be much higher.


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