Review: Necropoli – I

Necropoli - I

Necropoli – I (2014) – Necropoli are an utterly outstanding mix of experimental death metal and atmosphere and it’s guaranteed that this short paragraph just won’t be enough to describe their awesomeness. While musically launching forth massive torrents of death/doom and exponential bouts of technical and somewhat melodic death metal, these guys prove that they have more to offer than bands that only perform just one of these genre styles. The songs on I are quite lengthy with nearly all of them breaching the ten minute marker, but within these gigantic pieces there are periods of dense atmosphere which seems to add to the performance, aside from the band’s well-structured approach to gloomy death metal. Some might say that at the heart, Necropoli are mainly doom/death, but I’ve heard glimpses within the album that show me Necropoli can and will be so much more in the future. I expect to hear some truly tremendous things with this band, as they’re one of the only real doom/death acts of a funerary nature that doesn’t succeed in making me drowsy (that’s not to say that the genre doesn’t offer some killer melodies which are often times well worth staying up for, and the bleaker acts of the genre do work well during certain games) and that’s a bold accomplishment in my eyes. Without going too much into the fan category, I can honestly say that I truly fucking love these guys and it goes without saying that I highly, highly, highly, recommend that you get your ears on the gloomy darkness and intriguing experimentalism of I. They’re not quite there yet as far as a perfect recording goes, but this is pretty damned close. We highly recommend I. It definitely offers something new, different and certainly still familiar to fans of both death/doom and experimentalism.

(5 Tracks, 55:00)



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