Review: Neversun – Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom (2015)

neversun 2015

Neversun – Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom (2015) – This German death metal two-piece caught my attention instantly and proves that it doesn’t take four or five people to make a memorable act.

Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom is just the kind of album that juts out at you from the very beginning, with a powerful opener in the morose and melodic “Far From The Near Field Of My Soul 6:35.” That song alone is an absolute masterpiece of doom, gloom and melancholic death, but they continue to dazzle with the more punchy “Embracing the Downfall 5:25” which sees the drums completely on fire as the lead melodies prove just to be as mighty as they were on the previous cut. Though the opener was admittedly slower than one might expect from an act of this nature, I feel it was a good way to break into what would later come in the form of punishment like the thrashy “Morbid Passion 5:13“, the technical “Soulless Gear 3:56” and the furious “Optimism Is Heavy 5:08.”

These guys don’t really have boundaries, so they’ll switch between more melodic, more depressing and more furious approaches throughout the whole of the disc – and that, is when I give a damn. You see, unlike other death metal bands, Neversun gives me a choice of the kind of aural punishment that I want my ears to endure. If you’re feeling down, the opener and “Another Day In Darkness 5:16” will work for you.

But if you feel like you want to tear shit up, that’s when “Morbid Passion”, “Optimism Is Heavy” and the crushing closer “Prestige Is A Lie 5:32” (whole lot of gravel on that one, folks) will serve a fitting soundtrack for your destruction. Like most death metal albums, it’s not a very long disc, but it doesn’t need to be either.

These guys go in and go out satisfying, not leaving the listener wondering as to what more could have been offered from the release. It generally shows a different side with every song (especially the technical and slightly experimental “Soulless Gear”) and reminds me of older death metal records, when bands actually tried to make each song sound different from the other, instead of giving you what is essentially one forty minute track.

Because change is good, and choice is wonderful – especially in death metal, I’ve truly run out of nice things to say about Archaic Interpretation Of Freedom; which oddly enough doesn’t feel all that archaic and provides a key to the chains of musical boundaries that some artists trap themselves in for many years, most not even aware of it. These guys came out of nowhere, delivered and left the building. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this record a listen and we at The Grim Tower highly recommend it.

(7 Tracks, 37:00)


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