Review: Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy (2015)


Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy (2015) – According to my leaflet, Putrid Offal haven’t put a record out since 1992 and they represent a time when grindcore and death metal were very close. Well, that’s exactly what I’m hearing from Mature Necropsy and I’ve really got to say that I’m impressed. This record just hit my mailbox today and from what I can tell, it also comes with a second disc which contains ALL of the band’s early material completely remastered from the original masters in a supplementary album called Premature Necropsy. If you’re a fan of early era Carcass, General Surgery, Pathologist, Necrony, Dead, Cock And Ball Torture and others, then this is going to be right up your alley. To be honest, the disc sounds more like brutal death metal than anything else and it really makes me question the term “grindcore.” If this is grindcore when it first began, than what in the literal hell is brutal death metal? It seems that our genre classifications are starting to eat themselves alive and with the rebirth of progenitors like this, it’ll literally rewrite the way we approach heavy metal period. Perhaps the old heads are right and maybe we are starting to sound more like a Starbucks and less like metalheads. Every single track on this fucking album delivers by the way, just like you’d expect it to. The vocals alternate between a devilishly thick growl and chaotic scream, as the drums pound relentlessly and the guitars control of all the thunder for the performance. There are even some awesome guitar solos being let loose on the record, as the gore soaked and ultimately welcome approach blows right through your speakers. I’m quite certain that there are dead men who passed before the record was made and would love to get their hands on it, so one would hope that they don’t rise from their graves in order to get a taste of what was undoubtedly an integral death metal band two decades ago. If you’re looking for a taste of gore labeled grindcore, than that’s exactly what you’re getting here. Don’t come to Putrid Offal expecting grind you’re familiar with, because that’s just not what they do here. From the sounds of this record, they’re definitely the masters and can even show some of these death metal maniacs a thing or two. I’ve never heard vocal utterances sound quite so ghastly as they do here. It might be a familiar approach to fans of gore, but I’m sure that those bands the gore listener is currently digging wouldn’t even exist if not for the work of these guys. How in the hell this got the hardcore tag even surprises me more, making me feel that we’ve perhaps overstepped our boundaries in calling a lizard and a lizard and a bird a bird. Because quite clearly, this lizard in not the bird we’ve been itemizing it as and it takes only history to notice that. If you need more proof of this, then check out the supplementary album and hear the band’s classic work for yourself. They were still called grindcore back then too. Putrid Offal will not only make you reanalyze your thinking, they will also reorganize your brain matter as well as some of your organs along the way. Mature Necropsy is definitely the kind of death metal record that you’ll expect it to be by name and album artwork, but it might be in a weird spot in your local record retailer. In any case, it’s a disc that I’ve already jammed three times in a row, so you’ll definitely want to get your blood-drenched hands on it. Putrid Offal are an essential death metal band and this is an essential death metal album… just remember that it’s called grindcore, alright?

(13 Tracks, 29:00)


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