Review: Raven – Walk Through Fire

Raven - Walk Through Fire

Raven – Walk Through Fire (2015) – Originally released in 2010, this album is now set for a reissue on March 15th. This is a NWOBHM album and it is well executed musically by the UK three-piece that have been a band since the eighties. I do not care for the vocals on this though and the clean squeals are just not enjoyable so much as laughable. If you enjoy the hair metal vocal style this band is for you though. There are some good instrumental sections throughout, but a few riffs I might note seem borrowed. Such as the beginning of “Bulldozer” which is a near exact copy of “Walk” by Pantera. If you love the retro Steel Panther like sound these guys are the ones they are trying to sound like. The highlights for me would be the instrumental sections. I can tell that anyone who really digs this sound will love these guys, but it’s just not for me. (Eugene Martin)

(15 Tracks, 50:00)

(Second Opinion – Just as Eugene says, if you really do like the classic sound of metal in the vein of Steel Panther and definitely early Accept, you’ll love this one. Little long, but I enjoyed it. I’d say it’s a solid heavy metal record. 7/10 – Eric)



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