Review: Satyrasis – Of The Dead


Satyrasis – Of The Dead (2015 Spotlight) – This Name Your Own Price Bandcamp record definitely piqued my interests immediately, with it being a mix of fierce thrash and unmistakable ingenuity. There’s a little more to this little thrash disc than just a slew of heavy riffs and the band prove it when they delve into progressive realms that only help to further electrify my eardrums, as a gruff vocal narrates a slew of dark and rather depressing poetry. What really makes this album shine are its atmospheric tendencies and amazing sections of instrumentalism. Satyrasis might sound like a black metal band, but in all honesty they’re one of the most technical and progressive, yet still ridiculously ferocious thrash acts that I’ve ever heard. Everybody and their mother praised the new Machine Head last year, saying the same things about it that this record has already perfected. So everything about that disc that you liked, Of The Dead did so much better. As you continue to listen to the disc, it just gets even more technical and with that technicality, it just gets even better. These guys show that they can actually play their fucking guitars instead of just playing a handful of the same old riffs that we’ve heard from thrash bands throughout the years. The drumming is also just as tight as the rest of the album, even in midi form which explodes into “Excision 7:45” making for one of the most interesting transitions I’ve ever heard. But not only that, the track also displays an absolutely remarkable solo section which tumbles right into a fun prog piece that topples right into a dark and ominous moment of what seems to be mourning. It’s almost as if a war was fought within that section of the song and the soldiers were mourned as an iron behemoth with tank treads rolls right over them, crushing bones as it leaves their corpses paved into the dirt… and that’s just a description of one of the nine tracks that compose this hour of unexplainable grandeur and mesmerizing remembrance. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a very long time since a thrash band has experimented so heavily and kept their sound bone-crushingly apparent. Satyrasis actually translates to an uncontrollable sex drive in men, which transferred into this band regurgitates as an uncontrollable drive in music. There’s no doubt that Of The Dead will rip your face off at the same time as it perplexes you, with loads of unexpected segues and just plain hard work and dedication that you can tell from the very start. There are so many other things I could say about this record, and I’d really like to wax poetic about it for hours, but I’ll just say that it crushes everything you thought was good about Bloodstone & Diamonds into the dust. I’m reminded a lot of the groovy Machine Head style thrash here and even the vocals are similar in some aspects, but there’s just so much more to explore. Even a three minute piece like “Circumstances 3:27” can sound like it’s much longer, due to just how much the band cares about structure. But then you get odd keyboard atmospherics right after that with “Warwhore 8:34” and there’s just so damn much to talk about here that I don’t want to spoil anymore of this experience for you. I already feel like I’ve poked too many holes in the wrapping paper that adorns this glorious gift of heavy metal, so I’m going to stop my blabbering right here and allow you to get your hands on this amazing and uncanny release yourself. It’s uncannily good and it’s remarkably recallable. There’s just nothing else to say. Go get it now and impress everyone with the awesomeness that emanates from this album. Of The Dead is most certainly a rather morbid title for such a lively and potent performance. It might very well be one of the best records you’ve heard all year. Mark my words…

(9 Tracks, 59:00)




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