Review: Secret Of Boris – Your Ghost

Secret Of Boris - Your Ghost

Secret Of Boris – Your Ghost (2015) – Secret Of Boris are a catchy electronic rock band out of Texas, and boy have they got potential. They’ve got the crunch of modern rock bands like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle, yet they’ve also got some heavier sections in addition to the electronics that you’ll hear sputtering throughout the record. Ryan Byrd showcases himself as a powerful guitarist as he even manages to throw some nice solos on top of his memorable lead melodies and that works well with Ryan Ragus’s bass licks and the pounding that emanates forth from Ryan Arthur’s kit. Noticed something yet? Well, just in case you’re blind, these three Ryan’s really get together and kick some ass. Fronting them is Cameron Taylor who commands a glassy vocal approach with a side of whiskey as well as little bit of harsh vocal utterances and even a growl or two. But don’t be mistaken, because these guys are a hard rock act and not a metal one. Yet that’s okay, because they’re a damned good rock act and if you can’t tell that by the catchy compositions, then you can certainly hear it within the structures of the songs themselves. Your Ghost is a catchy record, but it’s not the kind of catchy record where every song feels like you’ve already heard it before it. I’m a little reminded of the radio rock of my teenage years, but there’s something more to this record that you might not gleam from the surface. It’s got spirit, it’s got passion and it doesn’t sound like a band trying to emulate anyone else. It’s also one of those kinds of records that I’ve listened to so many times that I don’t mind the earworms crawling through the concaves of my brain. I’d much rather have sections of tracks like “Vivus”, “Lost In A Daze”, “The Difference” or “The Watcher.” stuck in my head than anything from Fall Out Boy or some other talentless hack of a rapper. Your Ghost is a catchy album that also has substance and that’s a rarity these days. If you like hard rock music and you want to hear something that sounds like a little more than what the modern rock stations are offering, then give Secret Of Boris a shot. If there’s any secret that I can discern from Boris, it’s that these guys definitely do not suck! Listen to them right now and that point will surely prove itself.

(12 Tracks, 46:00)

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