Review: Sect Pig – Self Reversed (2015)

Sect Pig 2015

Sect Pig – Self Reversed (2015) – Sect Pig is an absolute fucking enigma. No one knows who they are and where they came from. All we know is that they’ve released two EP’s and this is their second. Considered “experimental black metal” I’d almost put this closer to experimental blackened grindcore than anything else. Taina Tirado actually got a hold of this one before me and described it as “being drug into a torture chamber and gutted alive” (which actually happens in a visual novel I’ve been reading… try to guess) which is an accurate description, as moments of mind numbing insanity come backed with ferocious blasts and horrendous vocal utterings. In between these heavy sections, there are atmospheres in which a rather intriguing spoken word piece takes the forefront, as non-conventional instrumentation forms the background. It brings on a bit of an airy quality, as the gentleman in the spoken word pieces describes a great deal about serial killers. It’s all quite fascinating, but I’m not sure how many extreme metal fans will actually accept the balance of insanity and uncomfortably calm atmospheres that emanate from this recording. Nevertheless, I simply must recommend this bizarre experiment and I think if you enjoy the sounds of guts being puked out, drums being battered and the soft atmospheric stuff that I described, then you’ll find a match made in… well, hell. Not for the squeamish, but an adventure into psychotic madness that’s certainly worthwhile.

(1 Track, 18:36)




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