Review: Selene – Paradise Over EP

Selene - Paradise Over EP

Selene – Paradise Over EP (2014) – This is the Irish symphonic metal act’s second EP and it truly sounds like a professional effort that fans of the genre and labels should be taking notice of. Just like Tarja was the voice of Nightwish, Shonagh Lyons is definitely the voice of Selene. As I listen to Paradise Over I’m definitely reminded of a younger Nightwish, perhaps Angels Fall First era, when the band hadn’t exactly blown up yet, though showed plenty of potential. The keyboard work is stellar and true to tradition, while the guitar sections definitely manage to highlight the metal sections quite nicely. There are also some nice solos to accompany the potent choruses in this record. Though it’s a short offering, it seems to be only a mere chunk of what this band can offer to the genre and I’d highly recommend this passionate Irish symphonic metal offering to all those who would enjoy it. The band also has another EP, Among The Frozen which was released earlier in 2013. Given the material I’ve heard from Paradise Over, I’m sure that the material on that record is just as good. Which begs the question… when is the LP coming?

(6 Tracks, 26:00)



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